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Write a Guest Blog for PencilStreet

Write a guest article

If you have a story to tell—something the teaching community will find interesting, a teaching experience that did or did not work, something inspirational that got your students engaged or just something that affects the teaching community and you would like to share this with us then please get in contact.

We welcome articles on subjects that may be of interest to teachers.


Send an email to guestblog@pencilstreet.org - start the subject with the word “GuestBlog”

Please include the following information:

  • Your Proposed Title
  • A brief exec summary  (100 words)
  • Attach the finished article – If you have written it.
  • Provide the links to multimedia you plan to include. 
  • An 80-word bio about you.
  • Include any information to other articles you have written.
  • Full disclosure of any commercial interest in any products or services you mentioned

Please note: We can only accept original articles. If your post has appeared elsewhere, we may not accept it.

What Happens Next

We will review your email and get in touch with you. 

Submissions are subject to our Terms of Use.

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