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Share a teachning resource

How to Share A Teaching Resource with The Community

At PencilStreet, we have spent over a decade pulling together the best ideas and resources from educators and educational influencers from around the world. We now provide all of these carefully collected resources to our users for free, but we’re not done, there is always room for more!

Our two main aims are to provide a service and to build a community. In order to build that community, we need your help. We would like to invite you to share your own ideas, lesson plans, worksheets, classroom display ideas with us and your fellow users, so that we can all help to lighten each other’s loads.

Adding a resource couldn't be easier; simply sign into your account and follow this link: Upload your resource here

By uploading a resource, not only are you adding value to the PencilStreet community, but everyone who submits a resource also gets entered into our monthly prize draw where they, and their school, could win an awesome prize!

So, get sharing. We look forward to hearing about the fantastic ideas you are bringing to your classroom!


Upload your resource here

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