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Discussion Guidelines

As Pencil Street is a user led forum, and here to encourage sharing and conversation, we try to keep our moderation and intervention to a minimum. However, on occasion we will delete content if it is inappropriate or not in line with our values. Here are the rules we expect all users to adhere to, in order to make this online community welcoming and respectful.

  • No trolling or intentionally inflammatory behaviour
  • No troll-hunting
  • No spamming
  • No personal attacks
  • No law-breaking content

We welcome your support. Please report any breach of these guidelines directly to us.

Language and Post Deletion

Please refrain from using obscene or offensive language. Although we have no official policy on swearing, we will delete any posts that are combative or inflammatory. We will not tolerate obscene, ageist, racist, disablist, transphobic or homophobic attacks, nor any language that is seen to cause deliberate upset. Posts that break the law will also be deleted.

Links and Spam

This site is all about sharing information, so we encourage you to include links to other content that your fellow users may find of interest. However, we will delete any posts that fall under the category of ‘spam’. This includes any promotion of your own products, services, surveys, e-petitions or fundraising pages.

You can share content elsewhere on our website. If you do wish to upload your own resources, or share information about your own products, services, surveys, e-petitions or fundraising pages on this site, then follow the link HERE to find out how.

Deleting Your Own Threads

We don’t generally delete entire threads. However, if you do have a good reason for wanting a thread deleted, let us know and we will do our best to help you.


On the whole, discussions that take place on Pencil Street are informative, friendly and supportive. However, trolls do visit on occasion, and it is important that they are dealt with correctly. If you suspect someone of being a troll, please do not accuse them publicly (troll-hunt) as it is inflammatory, and you may be mistaken in your suspicion. Please report any suspicions to us, and we will deal with them on your behalf.

On Disclosures of Abuse

Should anyone disclose and incident of abuse, we advise members to direct these users towards the relevant authorities or support services. Where appropriate, we may intervene with a thread ourselves and provide links to these services. 

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