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World Cup Lesson Ideas

The Football World Cup is more than just a sports competition. There is no sporting event in the world that has quite the energy and significance as this one. Whether you are a football fan or not, you can’t help getting sucked into, and invested in, the excitement of the whole thing. It is therefore inevitable that the subject will find its way into your classroom, you might as well turn it to your advantage!

Take a look at our World Cup teaching ideas to help bring the enthusiasm that comes with this most celebrated of contests into your lessons.

History of the World Cup

How much do your class know about the World Cup and its cultural and historical significance? Probably not loads. Kick off the month of world football with a quick discussion and a history lesson. It is always good to see if any of your children have any knowledge of the subject before you get into it. So, sit your kids on the floor and get a little discussion going? Does anyone know when the first World Cup was held? Who won the first World Cup? Where was it held? Someone is bound to know when England won! Expand on this discussion by filling in the gaps, a document of the competitions history is attached.

You could leave it there, or you could expand the lesson by getting the children to make a ‘fun-fact’ poster for display. If your children are a bit older, split them into groups, give each of them a country and get them to research the history of the competition in their given country. They could also make a fact poster out of this, or you might prefer to have them deliver a presentation to the class.

Integrated Subjects: History, Art, Drama
Resources: Pencils, paper, colouring pencils, research materials.



This will encourage the children to engage with the competition, and perhaps see it in a different light by having a different country to support as well as England (we know how disappointing supporting England can be!) Put all of the competing countries in a hat and get them to pick in turn. You can keep track of the competition’s progress by having a chart in your classroom.

Of course, they don’t put any money in any kind of pot, but the holder of the winning team should perhaps get a prize. To keep the conflict down, you might also want to award a prize for the ‘best supporter’.

Integrated Subjects: PSHE
Resources: World Cup Chart 


World Cup Story Starters

Bring this into your literacy lessons by having World Cup themed story starters. This can be a one-off exercise, or you could have them write fiction on a different story starter every week of the competition. Check out the example starter attached to the resource section.

Integrated Subjects: Literacy 
Resources: Paper, pencils, World Cup Story Starter 

Design A Player

What makes a great football player? Your class will certainly have some opinions on this. Discuss these further and collate a list on the whiteboard. Then send your children away to design their own ‘super-player’. They must include annotations about their skills and attributes. They should also come up with a name, a nationality, even a brief biography if your kids are up to it!

Integrated Subjects: Art, Literacy
Resources: Paper, pencils, Football Player Templates 


Design a Kit

If you are after a simpler design challenge, then a kit designing task should work a treat. However, to stop every child from designing an England strip, assign a different country to each child/group. To give them a bit of inspiration, fire up the interactive whiteboard and take a look at what the real teams are wearing this year. Point out recurring features such as badges, numbers and colour schemes. Another handy bit of direction you might want to give your class is to design their strip based on the flag of the country they have been given.

Integrated Subjects: Art
Resources: Paper, pencils, coloured pencils, 2018 World Cup Strip DesignsPencilStreet Player Colouring TemplateWorld Cup Flags (LINKS:


Mini World Cup

It would be odd not to include a bit of World Cup influence in your P.E lessons whilst the competition is on. The attached resource details a great game that can be played with any age and can be used as either a plan for an entire lesson, or as an end of lesson add-on activity.

Integrated Subjects: P.E
Resources: World Cup Game 

Homemade Football

A fantastic way to cross over the often-separate subjects of art and sport! Home making footballs will get your sporty kids creating and your creative kids engaged with the World Cup. All you need is a bag of balloons, a job-lot of packing tape, some glue and some fabric offcuts. The balls may not last too long once they have been booted about a bit, but the kids will love this activity none-the-less.

Integrated Subjects: Art
Resources: Balloons, packing tape, fabric offcuts, glue, Make a Homemade Football


World Cup Map

A nice simple task here. We have provided an empty world map, and a list of the World Cup participating countries with their flags. Can your students identify where these countries are on the map and colour them in their flag colours?

Integrated Subjects: Geography, Art
Resources: Colouring pencils, World MapWorld Cup Flags 2018 World Cup Strip Designs

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