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Getting Involved with Wrong Trouser Day (29th June)

Wrong Trouser Day (not to be confused with No trouser Day, where many people omit trousers from their wardrobe and spend the day in their pants), may be a lesser known event in our calendar, but that does not mean that it is a cause not worth getting involved in and raising awareness for. The day was created to support the Bristol Children’s Hospital, one of the country’s leading institutions in caring for children with life threatening illnesses. Wrong Trouser Day goes a long way to raising awareness for their charity, raising awareness of what they do and of course raising funds! This is a great day to get involved in with kids, as it is about kids. Not only are they likely to sympathise with the cause, but the theme of the day is suitably silly… and kids do love a bit of silliness. 

We hope this list gives you some ideas about how to get you and your students involved, as well as ways in which you can raise awareness and help the campaign to get their message out there.


What Is It All About?

Wrong Trouser Day, as you have probably gathered, is not a traditional holiday. It is very likely that many of your students won’t have a clue what it is all about.

The day is based around the Wallace and Gromit movie ‘The Wrong Trousers.’ The company, Aardman Animations, who own characters such as Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Morph allow the charity, known as Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal, use of their flagship characters to spearhead their work. At this point, the charity has raised over £50 million for the hospital, who are now able to provide the best facilities and treatments in the world and can accommodate the needs of both patients and families.

There is much more to learn about the charity, so if you want to give your class an insight into what it is about, you can find a comprehensive source of information by way of their website (link below). You may want to discuss the charity with your class, listen to any stories they might have about children they might know or have seen, perhaps find some examples of success stories from the hospital to share with them.

Integrated Subjects: PSHE

Resources: Grand Appeal Website

Make Some Trousers!

The main trope of Wrong Trouser Day is to spend the day in, well, the wrong trousers. This might mean you wear some crazy trousers for the day, it might mean you don off-the-wall attire from head to toe! But who owns genuinely weird trousers? Not many people. In the build up to the day, why not get the kids to make their own wrong trousers?

Get each child to bring in an old pair of trousers, or to get something cheap from a charity shop. Have an afternoon of decorating trousers with whatever materials you can get your hands on. You can use glitter, paint, other fabric scraps, badges or fabric pens… no doubt there are countless decorations that could be attached. If you are feeling ambitious and trusting you could even encourage the class to cut bits off of their trousers or get children to swap legs and pockets. This might take some carefully supervised sewing or glue-gunning!

Integrated Subjects: PSHE, Art

Resources: Old trousers, decorations, scissors, glue gun, sewing equipment.


Design Challenge 

This one is less messy. It all starts with watching the movie, or selected clips if you are short on time. As you may know, the trousers featured in the film are robotic, and include features such as walking on walls. Get each child to design some trousers of their own. They should be robotic and annotated with features and abilities.

This activity can easily be upgraded into something that really benefits the charity itself. Why not make it a class, or even school competition? Each entry costs £1, the top 3 win prizes and the entry fees go towards a charitable donation.

Integrated Subjects: Art

Resources: Paper, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, The Wrong Trousers – Movie (LINK:


Putty People

Wallace and Gromit are made of putty and plasticine! This will likely blow some of your kid’s minds. The world of stop-motion animation is fascinating, and once they have seen the ‘making of’ video, they will surely want to make putty people of their own. This is not so hard, as is demonstrated in the ‘how to’ video attached.

In the spirit of Wrong Trouser Day, the next step is to decorate the figures with some whacky leg attire! Paint is best for this and surely a bit of glitter or some sequins wouldn’t go amiss.

Integrated Subjects: Art

Resources: Plasticine, paint, glue, glitter, sequins, The Making of Wallace and Gromit (LINK:, How to make Simple Clay People (LINK:


Make A Stop Motion Movie

Once your class have made their own characters, take the project a step further. Making simple, stop motion movies isn’t too tricky. Divide your children into groups and get them to come up with a short story that you can capture.

This would be a great thing to share online to show what you are doing to support the day. In fact, the charity itself love to revive and share stories and content from schools that are supporting their cause and getting involved. Drop them a stop motion movie, you might be featured!

Integrated Subjects: Drama, Literacy

Resources: Camera, Easy Stop Motion Animation (LINK:


Wrong Trouser Sport Activities

Mix up your P.E lesson on Wrong Trouser Day with this collection of trouser based games!

Wrong Trouser Relay. Take your traditional relay race and replace the baton with a pair of trousers. The trousers must not be simply grabbed, they must be transferred from the legs of one runner to the next.

Wrong Trouser Obstacle Course. Be creative with this one. Obstacles could include having to change trousers at certain points, having to find a certain pair of trousers within a pile of clothes or having to collect and wear a certain number of pairs of trousers during the course. This should all be combined with the traditional ‘running, jumping, climbing trees’ type challenges.

Multi Trouser Challenge. A bit the like the ‘mummy/toilet roll’ game. Sort your class into small groups. They must fit as many pairs of trousers on to a designated team member as possible within a determined amount of time.


Sponsored Wrong Trouser Runway

Another great way to show that you are getting involved. Organise a Wrong Trousers fashion show at the end of the day. If you turn it into a bit of an event you could raise money by charging parents for entry, selling food and drink or adding a charity raffle element.

Once again, no doubt the footage would bring a lot of joy to a lot of children in Bristol. So, go on! Send it over.

Integrated Subjects: Drama, Dance, Art

Resources: Camera, Hall/Event Space, Creativity!

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