How Many Lumens Should a Good Flashlight Have: A Guide Into the Light

How Many Lumens Should a Good Flashlight Have: A Guide Into the Light

How many Lumens should a good flashlight have? This question has different answers depending on your purpose. Read through this article to get know-how.

While you can pick just any flashlight on the market for as long as it will give light, there are a few considerations that depend on your purpose. Of course, the first thing you should check is how bright the flashlight is. The light output of flashlights is measured by Lumens. So, how many Lumens should good a flashlight have?

There’s no direct answer to this question. However, this article will give you a comprehensive discussion on the topic. If you don’t know anything about the term ‘Lumens,’ this article will also bring you back to its roots and history. In addition, you’ll get an idea of how many Lumens you should need for a particular task or application.

Quick Background

Lumen is the measure of the flashlight’s output. While this does not entirely affect brightness, you’ll get the idea of how bright the flashlight is using the lumen rating. And, in general, the higher the number of Lumens, the bright the flashlight can be. You’ll not see any brightness specification on the packaging of your flashlight, but instead a lumen rating.

Back in the days, lumen rating isn’t a consideration when buying the best 18650 flashlight for hiking, trekking, camping or hunting. If you are comfortable with it and if it gives you the brightness that you need, it’s good. But in 2005, it was defined that 100 Lumens is the minimum rating for tactical flashlights — and become the standard in the law enforcement sector.

Yet, as technology becomes more sophisticated, you can see flashlights with a higher number of Lumens. In 2016, there are already tactical flashlights with 1000 Lumens. And, now, you can see best single AA battery flashlights with even higher Lumen specifications in the market.

Lumen Rating and Best Use

The following will be a breakdown of the number of Lumens to explain to you where they are best used for. Know the purpose of your purchase to get a product with the right lumen rating that can serve you well.

  • 1 Lumen

To better understand the term Lumen, think about it as moonlight. And, in general, 1 Lumen equals 10 times the brightness of moonlight. However, this is also dependent on the width of the beam. If the beam …

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Melissa & Doug – Cute Flashlight For Kid: In-Depth Reviews

Melissa & Doug – Cute Flashlight For Kid: In-Depth Reviews

So you want to pick up a few flashlights for the youngsters? Then check out this article to get to know Melissa & Doug – cute flashlight for kid. 

Once it comes to toys for children, Melissa & Doug is one of the prominent brands. Trusted by tens of millions of moms and dads, the American toy manufacturer releases a wide range of products annually. Aside from toys that boost creativity like wooden puzzles, stuffed animals, puppets and others, Melissa & Doug also offer tools for the young explorers: adorable flashlights. For parents with children that often feel intimidated by darkness, “Melissa & Doug – cute flashlight for kid” is an interesting topic that attracts lots of attention.  

Intend to get some flashlight from Melissa & Doug for your children to light up the night but don’t know if they hold together well? If that happens to be the case then this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you would be provided with pretty much everything that parents must keep in mind about Melissa & Doug flashlights.

Assessments Of Flashlight Of Melissa & Doug: What Parents Should Remember

  • Top-Of-The-Line Handling

Featuring sturdy integrated handles, the colorful flashlights made by Melissa & Doug allow children to get a good hold of them. Because of that, your kids may carry the flashlights around for illuminations without much difficulty. In addition, a number of models even come with feet which lets the youngsters stabilize the flashlights on even grounds. Last but not least, Melissa & Doug flashlights tend to be quite light so most kids would be able to wield them for a long time. All in all, the handling characteristics of flashlights from the American toy manufacturer prove ideal for children of all ages.    

  • Low-Cost, Widely Available Batteries

Like traditional flashlights, children-oriented flashlights of Melissa & Doug run on batteries so while talking about “Melissa & Doug – cute flashlight for kid”, plenty of parents want to get to know the batteries these models require. Fortunately, Melissa & Doug flashlights use standard AA batteries, hence, it’s going to be a breeze for you to stock up additional batteries for them.. Furthermore, the sizable AAs substantially reduce the risk of kids unwittingly swallowing the batteries too. The secured battery compartment also guarantees safety for the children.   

  • Premium-Grade, High-Performance LEDs  

Thanks to the incorporation of top-notch LEDS, Melissa

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Olight M1X Striker Review: Breakdowns

Olight M1X Striker Review: Breakdowns

Like M1X Striker of Olight but don’t know if it could match your requirements?  If you need a detailed Olight M1X Striker review, this article is for you.

Different people have different choices once it comes to EDC flashlights but in terms of all-around performance, M1X Striker of Olight is unmatched. Being dependable and reliable, the flashlight from Olight could be put to good use in a wide range of situations. Still, like other flashlights on the market, M1X Striker receives conflicting evaluations from users: some believe it to be excellent while others think that it’s mediocre at best. Hence, it’s strongly recommended that you check out an in-depth Olight M1X Striker review to decide its suitability before actually buying it.  

Have a hard time finding a review that analyzes Olight M1X Striker in detail? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article is going to tell you everything that you must keep in mind about  M1X Striker of Olight.

Specifications Of M1X Striker: Overviews

  • Length: 5: 35 Inches
  • Weight: 2.8 Ounces
  • Power Source: 18650 (one); CR123A (two)
  • Light Output: 0.5 – 1,000 Lumens
  • Runtime: 5 Minutes (1,000 Lumens) – 360 (0.5 Lumens) Hours  

Comprehensive Analyses Of The Performance Of Olight M1X Striker


  • Top-Notch Endurance And Resistance

With a combination of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and anti-scratch Type III hard-anodized finish, the Olight flashlight is light but it’s also able to take everything you could throw at it. Made to be impact resistant up to 1.5 meters, M1X Striker of Olight would remain operational after being dropped from moderate heights, a major plus. In addition to that, the flashlight of Olight is waterproof to IPX-8 standards so it’s relatively invulnerable to immersion. All in all, M1X Striker tends to be held in high regard by people that desire long-lasting flashlights.   

  • Lots Of Integrated Light Settings

Designed to be adaptable, Olight M1X Striker packs an assortment of light settings: Moonlight (0.5 Lumens), Low (10 Lumens), Mid (60 Lumens), High (350 Lumens) and Turbo (1,000 Lumens). Because of that, with M1X Striker around, it’s a breeze to illuminate your surroundings in low-light conditions. It’s noteworthy that as the flashlight from  Olight possesses a superb built-in thermometer, the brightest setting is limited to 5 minutes of constant use so as to save battery. Actually, after 3 minutes on Turbo, the

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Best Flashlight for Kids in 2020 – Ultimate Guide

Best Flashlight for Kids in 2020 – Ultimate Guide

What is the best best flashlight for kids in 2020? These flashlights are great choices that you can gift to any young child of your choice. 

It’s important to note that almost every object or item used by adults also have their kid versions. And this also applies to flashlights. However, kid’s flashlights are specially designed to suit them. Their design is usually different from what we’re used to seeing on most adult flashlights. Most of them are made into a toy-like design resembling an animal, animation character or even an insect. To top it all, these lights are usually brightly colored to attract the attention of kids. Well, we all know that kids like colorful things and would find it easy to fall in love with any of these choices. Kids’ flashlights are also quite useful for other recreational activities such as outdoor explorations, learning, and entertainment. 

These flashlights are designed into different sizes. When trying to get a flashlight for your kid, make sure to look out for the specifications, power sources, battery capacity, color, size, ease of use, durability, weight and many other features. Kids love to play in the rain and other wet conditions, so it may do you a lot of help to get a waterproof flashlight for them to play with. If you’re looking for several examples of kid flashlights to make use of, take a look at the following options;

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Flashlight

First of all, we start with a flashlight which is great for your toddlers. It is the best choice for toddlers for some reason. One of the best features of this light is that it is quite easy to hold and has a great grip handle. The easy-grip handle allows for your kid to have a solid grip on the flashlight and it still provides them with a lot of room to play around with. For easy operations, the on and off switch are located close to the handle. By locating the power switch in this central location, young kids have nothing to worry about when making use of the item for recreational purposes. This switch is quite large and can easily be turned on and off with a single finger. 

The flashlight has impressive aesthetic properties and was designed to resemble a ladybug. It’s quite colorful and even its feet were carefully included.

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