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Worksheets, activities and general learning resources supporting the Early Years (EY), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) numeracy curriculum.

"Maths is the study of patetrns abstrated from the world around us - so anything we learn in maths has literally thousands of applications, in arts, sciences, finances, health and leisure!" Prof. Ruth Lawrence, University of Michigan

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Classroom resources

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Early Years & Key Stage 1

(Age 0 - 7)

Australian Coins and Money Coins and Money Counting Days and Months Number Formation Number Lines
Patterns Set and Sequences Symmetry and Mirroring Teaching Time      
Key Stage 2

(Age 7 - 11)

Areas, Angles and Perimeter Negative Numbers Percentage and Decimals Prime Numbers    
All Ages

(Age 0 - 11)

Addition and Subtraction Approximation and Estimating Coordinates, position and direction Data handling and probability Doubling and Halving Fractions
General Number Extras Measures More or Less Number Bonds Numeracy Classroom Displays Place Value
Real Life Numeracy Worksheets Rounding Shapes 2D and 3D Sorting and Ordering Table Top Numeracy