About Pencil Street


Pencil Street exists due to our dedicated team of staff, and with the help of our great users.

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About Pencil Street

alt textAbout Us

Pencil Street started in July 2009.

Pencil Street Colourful worksheets

 What makes a Pencil Street resource? As a teaching resource company, our worksheets, classroom displays and activities all have a high level of educational content. We often offer differentiated and alternative sheets for varying levels of ability and age. Some have even been used for assessments and tests!

Wherever possible, we use bright, high contrasting images to create eye-catching and engaging resources, which is why we take the time to source visually stunning photographs. 

Pencil Street Colourful worksheetsWe also use engaging cartoons and illustrations when designing Early Years resources to keep them age-appropriate. We deliver professional resources that children respond well to, which is not often found outside of printed textbooks.   

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So, with all the hard work that goes into make a Pencil Street resource, I hope you enjoy them too.

Thank you for using Pencil Street.